Mount Lawrence is a documentary film focusing on Chandler Wild, a transplanted Texan living in New York City where he has been living since his adventure seeking and outdoor loving father committed suicide in 2007. The film follows Chandler as he travels by bicycle 6,500 miles to Alaska to name a mountain after his father. Deciding to attempt this feat of will and perseverance, he engages this journey as something that his father would have been proud of and will help preserve his remembrance. Chandler must learn the ropes of life as a nomad moving along the blue line state highways of America for four and a half months. Chandler begins to piece together what he sees as a life purpose for himself. Mount Lawrence promises to be a physical and emotional ride of a boy becoming a man while traveling through the heart of the American Continent.
In the wake of his family’s brutal murder, Noah sets out in search of his brother and the group he believes to be responsible. When he finds himself stranded in a small town, Noah takes up with Mari, a fellow castaway. Wandering through a crumbling infrastructure of a world beset by famine, the two form an unlikely friendship. But that relationship is tested when Mari reveals her desire to join the same cult as Noah’s brother, and Noah is forced to decide which is more important- his anger or his friendship.